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Getting around GCU: The Essentials

Starting university is a huge moment in your life and can be quite overwhelming when you first arrive. Here is some essential advice that the senior students wished they had known before coming.

  1. Student groups are where it’s at in terms of making friends when you start your course. There are around 60 societies and various sports clubs (as well as your friendly student media) to choose from when you first join, so whether you’re into football, dancing or Disney they’ll be something at GCU for you.
  2. It takes a lot longer to walk from one building to another than you would think, so always take this into consideration. However, this has been improved by the recent renovation of the campus with all the main buildings now connected.
  3. The university gym (The Arc) is where you will be able to use the extensive facilities on offer for a full workout. The prices are quite cheap for students compared to other gyms in the city so make sure to check it out.
  4. When you’ve decided to leave your assignment to the very last minute (which will probably happen) the 24 hour computer lab is a blessing located on the bottom floor in the students association. If you want to use this lab after 5pm on a weekday or at weekends, you will need to go to the campus security centre, opposite the George Moore building, to activate it for 24 hour use.
  5. When using the library for the first time, bare in mind that this can be hard to navigate. When visiting, be sure to check the library website first to make sure they have enough the book you want and find out where you can find it.
  6. Finally, it can be difficult to work out what classroom you need to go to for your classes. The letter at the start of the room number indicates what building you will be in. The next number is the floor the classroom is on and the final two characters is the room number. Once you have settled in, it becomes easier to understand.

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