Harry Styles at the SEC Armadillo Review

It has been little over six months since Harry Styles broke the music industry with his solo debut as a newly-found rock and roll superstar. Since then, he has sold millions of records and even starred in a major Hollywood film ‘Dunkirk’. Due to Harry being my favourite One Direction member from my pre-teen days, I was ecstatic to be going to this event and I was not disappointed.

Styles has always had an edgy side to him and this certainly stood out in his debut album. There seems to be hints of familiarity in his songs- from the rollicking quality of ‘Kiwi’ to his apt cover of Fleetwood Macs ‘The Chain’- he clearly has some influences. In the slower songs we shared intimate moments; as he closes his eyes during ‘From The Dining Table’ we wonder what it is he pictures as he sings “Even my phone misses your call, by the way”.

His two One Direction covers make the crowd erupt into unintelligible screams, yelling every word as if it was the last breath they’d ever take. He also covers a song he wrote for a certain Ariana Grande- although personally, I think the song suited him much better.

One thing Mr Styles isn’t lacking in is gratitude and love for his fans. His many thank yous throughout the set are well received and you can truly hear the humbleness in his voice.

A massive shout out to his band also, who accompanied him terrifically with outstanding instrumentals and harmonic backing vocals.

It was very apparent that evening-that even with all the horrible attacks around the world recently- this concert was not only a place to dance and have a good time, but a safe space for both Styles and his fans. His parting words “Choose love, every time” resonate within everyone that attended the concert that night and hopefully it will not be forgotten.

By Abbie Meehan

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