Feels Like Thursday Review

On Saturday the 14th of October, I had the pleasure of seeing a local band perform a much anticipated gig at The Garage Attic in Glasgow. It was exciting to see Feels Like Thursday perform in the same place that previous great bands have performed, Sundara Karma and Reverend and The Makers to name a few.

The Garage could be considered to be a much more intimate venue for a gig compared to other venues such as the O2 ABC and the O2 Academy. For me, this makes the gig more special, as the artist and fans have more of a connection and the music is all that matters.

Feels Like Thursday are a band which I believe has this connection to their fans. The music is relatable and current and can get people bobbing their heads in time easily.

The band consists of vocalist and frontman Declan Milne, Aidan Lamb on drums, Alex Finlay on bass and newest addition to the band Ewan Smith on guitar. Supporting Clay was Ewan’s first live performance with the band and he performed exceptionally well, putting on a fantastic show and making the music come to life.

The band opened with ‘Surface’, which featured a highly syncopated rhythm between the drums and lead guitar. This was a good piece to open with as it immediately grabbed the crowds attention and have a hunger for more.

The second piece performed was ‘Welcome to The Party’. This is soon to be the band’s newly released EP and we can see why, as the rhythms are enough to get anyone dancing at a party with the song featuring an upbeat catchy vibe.

Before the band performed their next tune ‘The Girl from TV’, Declan introduced the rest of the band, taking particular time to comment on Ewan’s hair which was specially done for the gig. The band all click well together.

The band then performed ‘Don’t Keep Your Head Down’ which features more melancholy tones and strong vocals. This was the band’s first released EP and can be found on YouTube alongside a brilliant music video, all filmed by the band themselves.

I had a chance to catch up with lead singer Declan, who told me all about the meaning behind “Don’t Keep Your Head Down’:

“Don’t Keep Your Head Down was a song that was written late 2015, after what seemed like a really long year, I had become much closer to the friends who did all they could to keep my spirits up. The song explains how great these friends are and the way they motivated me to keep my head up.
Don’t keep your head down.”

The band finished their outstanding performance with ‘Boy’s a Sinner’. This was an excellent piece to finish with as it got faster and quicker towards the end, with outstanding guitar playing from Ewan and Declan, the bass tones creating the foundation of the song and the drums keeping the beat.

The band received a huge cheer as they finished. I enjoyed the ambiance of the Garage Attic and loved the atmosphere in which Feels Like Thursday created.

I look forward to seeing what the band do next.

By Chloe Burrell

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