Truly Effortless Freshers Style

Freshers can be a very contradictory time .It’s your first chance to really make a good first impression on people you’re potentially spending the next four years with. Yet for many new to university life, their entire Freshers’ will be spent either drinking or hungover, sometimes not the best way to make an impression.
Early morning introductory lectures with a hangover are killer, believe me. Even worse than sitting in a boiling hot lecture theatre with a thumping head could be the thought of having to actually get up for it.
The snooze button on your alarm can only go off so many times before you are left with 2 choices; going to class looking an absolute mess, or not going at all.
Don’t start off your university life that way. Follow these handy tips on how to look like you’ve made an effort without really trying to.

  1. Brand new city? Brand new University? Brand new friends? That means no need for brand new clothes. Chances are the majority of people you’ve met at uni won’t have seen you in most of your clothes before, so this is your chance to look like you’ve just stepped out of the dressing room because to them everything you wear is new. Result!
  2. A nice summer jacket is a key staple. As Freshers could still technically count as summer it’s the perfect chance to pull that out of your wardrobe for what could potentially be the last few times before it’s winter coats galore. A leather jacket goes with just about everything, so no matter what is under it, you can still look great, same with a denim jacket (Even double denim!).
  3. Jeans and jeggings are your best friend when you have to get ready quickly. While leggings may be comfortable, jeggings are just as comfy but look 10 times better in terms of looking like you’ve made an effort and they don’t have to take a huge chunk out of your student loan.
  4. Some simple (and cheap) hair products give a great look without any effort at all. I love V05’s Give Me Texture Sea Salt Spray to give a beachy wave. The best part is it requires minimal effort but looks great!
  5. Learn the skill to a messy bun and/or ponytail – a fantastic way of hiding your potentially unwashed hair. Or disguising the fact you’re on your 4th day in a row of using dry shampoo. There are so many tutorials for this online, so you can find the best look for you to avoid the Miss Trunchbull look.
  6. Concealer. A very tired girl’s best friend. Hide your lack of sleep with some concealer and no one will know you’re running on 4 hours of sleep with a litre of Lucozade (other hangover/sleep deprivation cures are available). Concealer can do wonders to hide those designer bags under your eyes and help brighten that smile.
  7. Perfect the art of simple, quick everyday makeup so you can do it in a flash and not waste too much time that could be spent having an extra 40 winks. Brows, mascara and lipstick tend to be the easiest to make look effortless. They’re also the things you tend to have down to an art, plus lipstick can act as a good distraction from the dark shadows of the night before.

So, there you have it. Your tips on how you can have the best Freshers; ever and not look like you’re suffering the next morning (or for most of the next day if we’re being truly honest). Hopefully, these tricks come in handy at some point in the next four years, you can thank me later.

Featured image credit – Lorna McKenzie