How to Stay Warm and Fashionable in the Winter Cold

The winter is upon us, and with that comes the dropping temperatures and even colder and stronger Glasgow wind.


Having moved to Scotland from Finland and currently spending my time between the two cold countries, I have a few tips and tricks on how to stay warm in the cold of winter, or at least how not to feel like you’re freezing your toes off.


Start with the feet

Speaking of toes, it really does matter to keep them warm during the wintertime. Warm feet contribute to warm body overall, so grab yourself a pair of warm and trendy winter boots to keep your toes and soul happy in the cold.


Wrap yourself in a huge, warm blanket scarf

Blanket scarves will always be a winter fashion staple, year after another. They come in all colours and prints, and at different price points too, so everyone is bound to find one that suits their needs and fits the budget. A Big Blanket Scarf will look fashionable, and also protect you against the freezing wind.


Don’t forget your head

Did you know that a huge amount of our body temperature is released through our heads? So keep the warmth within your body and cover your ears with a stylish hat. Pom-Pom beanies are big again this season (in trend and size), but a beret will give you that true Parisian chic vibe.


Invest in a good winter coat

If you’re going to invest in one thing this winter, make it your outerwear! A winter coat is something you’re going to be wearing every single day for the next few months, so having one that you really love, but which also keeps you warm is worth it. A good quality coat will last you for years to come, so choose one that’s timeless in design and goes with any outfit.


Wear a thermal

Finally, the best tip of them all: just wear a warming thermal underneath your outfit! An additional layer under your clothes will definitely keep you warm from top to bottom. And as no one will even be able to see it, you’re going to look just as fashionable with one on as you would without.


Feature Photo Credit- Flikr User Cleo