A GCU Student’s Guide for Girls to Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget!

It’s nearing that time of year again, the end of our dreary Scottish summer, as I suspect you’re starting to think about updating your wardrobe for the Autumn and Winter months but you just don’t have the budget.

Well, you’re in luck, I visited the Glasgow Sauchiehall Street Primark store and had a look at what they had available in store right now!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, Sauchiehall Street? Most people just think of Sauchiehall Street as where a lot of the ‘in-trend’ bars and clubs but it’s also where Primark is- a shop that is home to amazing bargains!

Primark are totally in with the trends and they stock similar things to the more expensive high street shops like Zara and Topshop, however, you can get just about a full outfit for the price of one item- it’s so incredibly affordable! An added bonus is that their products are that affordable you don’t have to wait until payday or saas-mas” to give your wardrobe a little update!

I had a look around and came up with a few outfits just to show you the fact that you can get yourself a full outfit for the price of a single item in a shop like Zara or Topshop.


Everyone can always be doing with new basics to add to their wardrobe. Primark Glasgow Sauchiehall Street has a wide selection of different types of jeans, a massive selection of plain t-shirts and comfy jumpers all for amazingly affordable prices!


Black Super High Waisted Skinny Jeans- £10

Blue Super High Waisted Skinny Jeans – £9

Khaki Skinny Jeans- £8

Mid Blue Skinny Jeans- £15

Light Blue Mid Rise Skinny Jeans- £15





Baby Blue Jumper- £5

Ivory Ripped Jumper- £8

Grey Ripped Jumper- £8

Grey Pearl Jumper- £8





tshirtpile Beauty and the Beast Petal Falls T-shirt- £6

I Speak French Fries T-shirt- £2.50

Grey Mickey Mouse with Sequins T-shirt- £8

I Drink Champagne Now T-shirt- £2.50

                                                               Avocuddle Sequin T-shirt- £8



Heading out with your friends straight after class and want to look like you’ve made an effort but don’t want to have to carry about a whole change of clothes? Fear not as I have you sorted with these dressy outfits which can easily be dressed down or dressed up- so you ideally only need to carry a spare pair of shoes with you or possibly even nothing to change into depending on where you’re headed.


White Frill Top- £10

Pink Jeans with Corset Tie- £13

Grey T Bar Shoes- £6

Black Vans-style Shoes- £6





outfit4 Black Embroidered Flower Top- £12

Green Trousers- £10

Black Courts- £12

Black Vans-style Shoes- £6

Black Patent Brogues- £10

                                                        Black Suede DM’s- £12



outfit12 Black Ring Trousers- £13

Yellow Ring Sleeve Top- £12

White Ring Sleeve Top- £12

Black Vans-style Shoes- £6

Black Patent Brogues- £10




These can easily be worn throughout the day, if you wish to wear them out and about at night you just have to add a little accessory which you can easily purchase from Primark Glasgow Sauchiehall Street’s vast selection.


Barbie T-shirt- £8

Blue Ripped Jeans- £15

Pink Trainers- £10

Grey Pearl Jumper- £8




Blue Denim Jacket- £12

Black Dress- £6

White Embroidered Shoes- £12

Fishnet Socks- £2






Red Jumper with Cut Shoulders- £10

Black Dress Dungarees- £12

Black Vans-style Shoes- £6







White Mickey Sequin T-shirt- £8

Blue Ripped Dungarees- £17

Pink and Blue Checked Shirt- £7

Burgundy Bee Pumps- £8

Black Vans-style Shoes- £6





Blue Frill Shirt- £10

Purple Frill Shirt- £10

Mid Blue Ripped Jeans- £15





Feature Photo Credit- Georgie Pauwels


Photography Credit- Emily Devanney Photography