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The Ultimate Freshers Survival Guide

A new year of university is upon us, folks. For those of you just starting out – I’m totally jealous, by the way – this can be a really daunting time. Relax, you’ll have a blast! To ensure you make the most of your time as a student in Glasgow, I’ve come up with some pointers I quickly learned as a Fresher:

Experience The Garage, at least once

Ah, The Garage. It’s the Marmite of venues. And yet, it’s been an iconic location for 23 years’ worth of Glasgow’s students – mention the name to anyone who’s been out in the city centre since 1994, and there’s a 99% chance that they’ll relive a memory from there on the spot. Also, it’s the only club I’ve ever been to where I’ve been served freshly made waffles and Nutella next to the DJ booth – what’s not to love?

Don’t become that flatmate

If you don’t have that flatmate, chances are you might actually be that flatmate. Don’t panic, it’s fixable. Just make sure you do your dishes, and don’t wait until 2am to creep into the kitchen and cook in order to avoid social situations!

Own a deck of cards

If Freshers week taught me one thing, it’s the impact a pack of playing cards has. Friendships will be made, drinks will be had, information will be over-shared.

Your lectures do actually matter

Lectures are important. When I was a Fresher, I ignored this fact on the basis that it seemed like I was always attending introductions to the course – what was the point in showing up when I could self-teach? This will change. Attend your lectures, or be prepared to use your overdraft on a load of Red Bull come April-time!

Freshers flu IS a thing

I know, I thought it was a myth too. Until I caught it, and then I couldn’t shake it off for a number of weeks. Just be prepared, there is a relationship between the number of weeks elapsed in the semester and the number of coughs you’ll hear throughout a lecture.

Don’t blow all your money on pizza

It happens, okay!? Don’t judge. Some of us don’t have takeaways at home, the temptation becomes too much and then you end up blowing all your dough on… well, dough. Luckily, the likes of Dominos have really decent codes for student deals, so such situations can be averted.

Try not to write off weekday clubbing

I mean, don’t be irresponsible with your studies, either. But for a good month or two after starting uni, I insisted on Saturdays being the designated time for nights out. I didn’t get the point in going out on free entry nights – as the legendary Chainsmokers song “#SELFIE” goes, “who goes out on Mondays?” Everyone. Everyone goes out on Mondays, because it’s free.

Embrace the embarrassing photos

One day you’ll be in your final year, looking back at photos of yourself sprawled on the kitchen floor dressed as Princess Peach. Not that that’s what I’m doing or anything. But as the years go on, you’ll come to appreciate any form of documentation – stop deleting those Facebook tags!